What is interior design?

Interior design is not just the creation of a planning solution, the arrangement of furniture, plumbing and other interior items. I put much more global goals into this: creating the most ideal environment for the Customer, taking into account all his preferences and goals. How often do we notice that moving to a new living space of an apartment with a multifunctional, beautiful kitchen, bathroom or other comfort items form new comfort habits and, in general, change lives for the better.

Design - must solve specific problems. Someone needs a movie theater in an apartment, for someone an enormous bathtub and lack of unnecessary kitchen appliances are important, for someone it is necessary to create the maximum possible number of isolated spaces - rooms. A residential or office space designed according to all the laws of ergonomics, taking into account all the wishes and preferences of the customer, with professional approaches to choosing a color scheme based on knowledge of the laws of color, a competent selection of interior items taking into account style and budget, will inevitably lead to the creation of an ideal space.

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Каждый дизайн-проект рассчитывается индивидуально.
The cost depends on style, complexity, timing and distance. For finding out the exact cost pleas mail us request here