Дизайн интерьера однокомнатной квартиры в современном стиле
Лариса и Евгений
Residential Complex
"Zeleniy Bor"

«Огромное спасибо за супер-квартиру. Не ожидала, что на такой площади и с очень ограниченным бюджетом, можно сделать такое функциональное, красивое и крутое пространство, где есть место для встречи с друзьями, полноценная кухня, роскошная спальня, идеальный санузел. Огромное спасибо за такой чудо проект.«

Дизайн интерьера квартиры в ЖК Ривер Парк в современном стиле
Residential Complex "River Park"

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude to Tatyana for such a sensitive approach to clients. You are a real generator of ideas! It's nice when you see in the picture what you wanted for a long time, but could not imagine. Your team is extremely responsible. All our wishes were met, and even more ... Turning to the studio AFGDESIGN was sent there on the recommendation of my colleague, there was no doubt a minute. I was very pleased with the design, If I decided to do everything myself, then I would never succeed as Tatyana did, plus we would definitely divorce my husband :)) because our tastes do not match at all. But the result that we got inspired us and we really look forward to the completion of the repair, and we already have it at the final stage and we can already see how beautiful it is. The expectation and reality completely coincide.

Thank you Tatyana - you are a very talented designer + you make candy from yourself you understand what! Our family wishes you many creative ideas and even more interesting designs. ”

Дизайн интерьера квартир в современном стиле ЖК Эмеральд
Residential Complex "Emerald"

“We used the services of a designer for the first time, and we are very glad that we were able to immediately find" our own ".
Politeness, friendliness, the ability to quickly and correctly catch the thread of the customer’s intention, and most importantly to realize that sometimes you can hardly imagine it - that’s the main thing that won us over at AFGDESIGN studio.

I want to note that while working on the interior of the apartment, they did not impose anything on me. On the contrary, they helped to correctly implement my own ideas.
The project is filled with style, quality, softness and warmth, for which I especially want to say thank you!

Now we hope for the speedy and equally high-quality implementation of this project.

With respect and wishes for further fruitful work,

Дизайн интерьера квартиры в современном стиле ЖК Академия Люкс
Residential Complex
"Academy Lux"

“Your colleague who previously contacted you advised me on your studio. And now I was lucky to work with you on my first small apartment. I wanted to make it as comfortable and functional as possible. I immediately liked all your ideas, though sometimes I had to change some materials and shades during the project. But you immediately finalized and walked towards, redoing the project. I saw how you tried and all the work was done on time. Thank you so much, everything turned out perfectly! ”

Дизайн интерьера дома из бруса в скандинавском стиле
Marina Zhuravleva

“Many thanks to AFGDESIGN for support at all stages of the realization of the country house of my dreams !!! Comfortable communication and attentive attitude to the wishes of the customer in this design agency are guaranteed to you. ”

"Ladys Only Beauty Salon"
“The project of creating a public space, like any other, is a very difficult task, which summarizes the connection of the desired image with the realities of communications, geometry and other parameters of the premises and the possibility of a specific budget.
The most important thing in this project - the result exceeded expectations!
 Difficulties didn’t stop them from doing what they intended: deadlines were broken by unscrupulous builders and contractors, but in spite of everything, a wonderful result was obtained that pleases the salon guests, employees and the hostess every day with its atmosphere. ”
Mariya Rudakova
"One Moment Salon"

“I want to express my gratitude to the design studio AFGDESIGN for the excellent work in creating the design project of the beauty salon. It was very comfortable to work, everything was done quickly and carefully to the wishes of the customer. I had to change individual elements in the project several times due to a change in the vision and desires of the client, everything was accepted and redone as quickly as possible.

As a result, the project turned out to be the envy of all competitors. We still receive compliments from visitors on the design of the room.

"A modern vision and the ability to combine it with the wishes of the client is a hallmark of AFGDESIGN employees."

Ksenia Gordeeva
Residential Complex "Heart of the capital"

“I want to say thank you for the project that you did quickly enough and we managed to translate it into reality by the target date! We dreamed of meeting the New Year in a new apartment for a very long time) The apartment was with a non-standard layout and I planned a lot of tasks for it. Separate a large dressing room in the bedroom, place the laundry area, expand the bathroom and make it more spacious, combine the kitchen with the living room and leave the balcony as is.At the same time, the apartment is only 47 m2, everything turned out thoughtfully, planned to the smallest detail and still offered a lot of ideas, for which I thank you separately! I needed only a design with drawings, but additionally received recommendations on the decoration of materials and color scheme. They listened to you and got an incredibly beautiful and stylish house of our dreams)"

Дизайн интерьера однокомнатной квартиры в современном стиле

“I am writing my review about working with designer Tatyana. I want to thank you for the work done and for understanding me as a client. I am a student, for me the appearance of my first apartment, albeit small, was an important event.I wanted to fit as much as possible into it, but at the same time to leave free space, plus it looked stylish and modern. Therefore, it was decided to contact the designer. AFGDESIGN was advised to me by a friend who had already completed repairs on the design project and was very pleased with the result. The design of my apartment was done on time, in just a month, taking into account all the wishes, and thanks to the competent selection of furniture, everything was within the budget. The repair is nearing completion, but it is already clear that everything in reality turns out exactly as it was displayed in the project! I will definitely recommend you as a professional to my friends) ”

Vera Kupriyanova
Residential Complex "Rodnoy Gorod"

“Tatyana, thanks for the consultation! They turned to you in time, in advance of the start of the repair. We wanted to make a standard layout, as we used to see friends and ourselves, but as a result we changed our minds, thanks to your advice, and we will make more modern housing. It turns out that you can arrange furniture in a completely different way and combine some rooms, which will radically differently affect the perception of space! Each centimeter is important in such a small area of ​​the apartment, so you really helped us)) ”

Dmitry N.
Residential Complex
"Mirax Park"

“Thank you, Tatyana, for completing the apartment redevelopment project. I got a lot more options than originally agreed. Inexpensive and fast, thanks for that! I chose the perfect layout for myself and are already starting construction work. I will recommend you as a good specialist. ”

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