The end result of the work of the interior designer is an individual, ideal for the customer design project, implemented in the maximum accuracy in reality. Each designer is a creative person who works with pleasure in a certain style. To get the expected result, not to be mistaken with the choice, you must:
1. To get acquainted with the work of the designer on the site, social. networks, read reviews
2. If you like the work, familiarize yourself with the working conditions of the designer: terms, cost
3. If during the first discussion of the work no questions arose - an agreement is concluded to create a unique design project
4. The creation of your space should be coupled with positive, positive emotions, consider this when choosing a designer.

The cost of the design project depends on the package of services you have chosen:

1. Оптимальный от 3000 руб м2

2. Планировка от 1500 руб м2

3. Премиум от 5000 руб м2

4. Авторский надзор от 50000 руб

In order to get the exact cost of the project, you need to make a request.

1. Statement of working drawings
2. Measurement plan
3. Dismantling plan
4. Installation plan
5. Explication Plan
6. Plan redevelopment
7. Furniture plan
8. Floor plan
9. Floor heating plan
10. Plumbing equipment placement plan
11. Water installation plan
12. Layout of switches and lighting devices
13. Plan for linking lighting devices to switches
14. Layout plan for electrical outlets and low-current systems
15. Door plan
16. Statement of furniture
17. Statement of plumbing equipment
18. Statement of lighting devices
19. The specification of finishing materials
20. Terms of reference for the manufacture of built-in furniture or furniture items to order
После того как Вы ознакомитесь с работами, ценами на услуги и примите решение заказать дизайн-проект у меня, мы обсуждаем с Вами все нюансы (сроки выполнения работ в текущий момент, Ваши ожидания…) при встрече, по телефону, по электронной почте. При принятии положительного решения работать  по электронной почте Вы подтверждаете, что всю информацию относительно цен и сроков Вы получили и она Вас устраивает. Это необходимо для подтверждения Ваших намерений, так как далее на объекте производится обмер помещения, иногда, требуется привлечение профессиональных замерщиков с лазерным оборудованием — подрядной организацией (если объект сложный с точки зрения коммуникаций и других технических характеристик). Заказчик предоставляет план БТИ для получения всей информации по мокрым зонам. На встрече мы знакомимся с объектом, обсуждаем все вопросы, которые интересуют Вас как Заказчика о нашей работе. Передаю Вам техническое задание, которое Вы заполняете в форме анкеты. Далее подготавливаю  обмерный план (обмерочный чертеж). Услуга выезда на объект для выполнения обмеров платная — от 5 000 рублей в зависимости от площади и удаленности объекта.
Also, if the object is not in Moscow or there is no need to come to the object, we can work remotely using all possible means of communication: email, skype, Whats App according to the provided dimensions and technical characteristics of the object from the side of the Customer in PLN format, DWG
One of the most determining criteria for deciding to work with a particular designer is the cost of his services. Let’s try to figure out what the cost of the interior designer’s work consists of, on which the project cost depends. I propose to divide 2 main parameters: the first is the cost of the work itself - the time and direct resources spent, the second is the cost of goodwill, business reputation, which is determined by the demand and the level of the client base.
The artistic part itself, the creative component is almost impossible to evaluate. It is quite realistic to derive the average cost of a package of drawings, measurements, visualization work, time and effort spent on selecting interior items, partially to lay the expenditure part in the project (gasoline, attracting third-party contractors, equipment costs, paying for the office, employees, etc. depending on the presence or absence of certain work tools). But how to evaluate the idea itself, inspiration? How much should the design itself cost? The cost is determined by the Customer, the pricing in this case, the demand and supply curve, the more unique the thing, the more willing, but with limited supply, the price regulates demand.
How to keep your uniqueness?
In the age of advanced computer technology and the Internet, information scatters instantly across the network, all ideas and innovations are copied, replicated in multi-million copies. Technological progress utilizes many attributes of everyday life, turning today's irreplaceable gadget into garbage. Uniqueness is lost, turns first into a trend, after some time into a relic of the past. How to keep uniqueness? The uniqueness in my opinion is not a permanent state. To be unique and in the trend, constant growth and development in the profession is necessary - this is a continuing interest in everything new in the world of interior design, construction, subject design, subject to a good initial knowledge base.
What is an interior designer for?
Reading the desires and needs of the Customer, adjusting them to the possibilities and realities, the interior designer is looking for ways to solve the tasks that the Customer sets before him - to create a dream house, taking into account the specific budget and real requirements for a particular object.
Подписываем договор, в котором отражены все этапы, сроки, стоимость моих услуг, на определенный пакет. Как правило, уже на этапе обмеров , на первой встрече мы подписываем договор и ТЗ, которое  высылаю по почте за несколько дней, чтобы Заказчик имел возможность заполнить его. Если возникают вопросы при заполнении, мы заполняем вместе.
As a rule, in 80% of cases, the Customer of the apartment design project does not study architectural styles and cannot clearly determine the stylistic direction in which he would like to make repairs. It’s clear that when it comes to Hi tech it’s not identical with the concept of “minimalism”, but “classic” (from Latin classicus - exemplary) is for someone like, everyone has their own concept of a standard that does not apply at all to the classical art. Why do we dwell on this stage in detail - we must understand each other, for this we have developed our own terms of reference. The technical task (hereinafter TOR) from the Customer to us - the Contractors, is filled out by the Customer, which contains a set of requirements, expectations and wishes, in accordance with which we develop a design project. Of course, we always help determine the directions if we are asked about it. TK is made in the style of questioning, which will allow you to get the characteristics and parameters of the room, agree on the principle zoning, take into account individual wishes and personal preferences for filling and finishing all the premises of the design project, color scheme, etc.
Based on the measurements and the BTI plan provided by the Customer, a measurement plan is drawn up. In approximately 20% of cases, the area after real measurements is slightly adjusted, since measurements from the developer can be performed with errors in both directions. We will consider in more detail what the measurement plan is in. We will send it, as a rule, within 7-10 business days.
Measurement plan.
The measurement plan is where the preparation of all outline drawings begins. Measurement drawing is an image of a top view of a room made on a reduced scale, which reflects the results of measurements, the purpose of which is: to determine the dimensions of the room, load-bearing walls and partitions, door and window openings, determine the height of the room. Also, the measurement plan reflects information about the location of ventilation shafts, power supply systems, water supply and sanitation, heating systems and other available utilities.
When measuring, accurate measuring instruments are used: rangefinder and others. Measurement work can be performed by us or our partners. The measurement plan - the basis of the entire project - is one of the most important stages of all work, it is at this stage that an analysis of the room's capabilities takes place.
The basis of the entire design project. When developing a planning solution, the designer invests all the knowledge and skills gained in the process of training and work. It reflects knowledge of ergonomics, functional zoning, individual comfort of the Customer, all information from the technical specifications, trends.
Development of up to 3 planning solutions.
Dismantling plan: plan, outline drawing, which displays information about planned demolished partitions, walls, windows to be replaced, transferred or dismantled communications.
Before starting construction work on the demolition and erection of walls, transferring communications, it is necessary to obtain permission for redevelopment in authorized bodies, in accordance with the procedure that is specifically provided for in your area / region. Otherwise, the owner can be held accountable, demand the restoration of communications, walls and other unpleasant consequences. The need for a detailed dismantling drawing, thought out and agreed upon, is obvious, since this information will form the basis of the entire project and will be the basis for preparing a redevelopment project for the coordinating bodies, the result of which will be a new BTI passport as amended, taking into account the redevelopment.
In the drawing, red lines mark walls, partitions, windows, communications and other elements to be demolished, moved, as well as the parameters of the created openings.
Installation plan - walls being built, partitions with information about the materials to be used. When remodeling a living room, SNiP should be observed.
The division of the entire total area into functional zones according to the criteria: public and personal, and, further, with detailed elaboration by zones, each of which is designed to fulfill certain requirements (storage zone, sleep zone, food intake, play area for the child ...) . Namely, at this stage we plan the space precisely in terms of functional load, without focusing on specific pieces of furniture.
Explication - an indication of the area of the apartment.
Schematic layout of furniture. This plan is designed 2 times:
1. The principal arrangement of furniture, lighting devices with the most optimal sizes.
2. The final arrangement of furniture, lighting fixtures with real dimensions on the basis of selected furniture, after agreeing on a photorealistic 3D visualization of the interior
After reviewing the terms of reference, which reflects the customer’s preferences for style, to confirm our understanding, a collage is created that reflects the complete concept, colors, textures, accent items. His goal is to reflect the general idea, mood.
Photorealistic visualization of each room. 3D images take into account previously selected interior elements and decoration materials. The use of this technology is one of the most reliable ways to objectively evaluate the result of a design project.
Regular visits of the author of the design project to control the compliance of construction work with the design project - cost by agreement.
The cost of architectural supervision does not include quality control of the technical performance of construction and acceptance of materials.
The project under development is not an architectural design documentation in whole or in part. The purpose of the project is to form and consolidate the artistic concept of interior design.

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Каждый дизайн-проект рассчитывается индивидуально.
The cost depends on style, complexity, timing and distance. For finding out the exact cost pleas mail us request here