interior design of commercial premises

Design of cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels and offices

Рационально проектирую каждый сантиметр площади объекта
Создаю пространство с заботой об удобстве и комфорте Ваших клиентов
Работаю над концепцией Вашего бизнеса
Design project will help to maintain the individuality of your interior
Помогу с выбором трендовых акцентов для интерьера
Подберу для Вас качественные материалы, удобную мебель и стильные осветительные приборы

Professional approach

The opportunity at the planning stage to think through the interior to the smallest detail

Recognizable corporate identity improves business reputation, attracting additional customers

All interior design projects are created in a unique author's style. AFGDESIGNthat adapts any interior style (classic, modern classics, french eclecticism, eclecticism, functionalism, minimalism, loft, scandinavian, contemporary, art deco, art nouveau and other interior styles) to your space with an author's professional approach. 

The services of an interior designer in Moscow are cheap relative to prices in Europe and America. The share of the cost of designer services is not more than 2-3% of the total repair costs. The designer helps save money without sacrificing aesthetics and quality, thanks to the experience and proven supplier base.


Interior design of a Beauty Salon only for ladies in Moscow 100 sq. M.
Экспресс-салон красоты в Дубай
Dubai Express Beauty Salon
Ресторан Sous
Interior design of a luxury restaurant 400 sq. M.
Beauty Spa Lounge - салон красоты
Design of a beauty salon 98 sq m
Салон красоты - One Moment Salon
Design of a beauty salon in Moscow
Кафе Lucrezia
Interior design of a seafood store with a tasting area

If you want to order a design project of an interior commercial premises of large areas, request an individual calculation. The modern interior design of residential real estate (commercial real estate) today is an integral part of everyday life, since we are talking not only about aesthetics and beauty, but also about the functional component of each subject, each interior decision. Convenience and comfort for life and in use, ergonomics and functionality, safety and, of course, aesthetics - these are the reference points that are worked out together in each project.

Undoubtedly, the value of the object increases after the implementation of the project many times more than the money spent on repairs and design projects, since every centimeter of the area of ​​an apartment or house is worked out with the goal of maximum functionality while maintaining aesthetics and uniqueness for each individual customer. All knowledge, advanced trends, advanced technologies are transferred to projects. The desire to keep the design project as high as possible by the Customer motivates to do everything possible so that the project is close to its ideal state, anticipating all expectations.

If you enjoy the work presented above, you can purchase a finished project adapted to your area at a bargain price.

Each interior design project is calculated individually.
The cost depends on style, complexity, timing and distance. For finding out the exact cost pleas mail us request here

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Каждый дизайн-проект рассчитывается индивидуально.
The cost depends on style, complexity, timing and distance. For finding out the exact cost pleas mail us request here