interior design project of apartments
Residential complex "Academy Lux"

Площадь объекта 62 м2

Семенйая пара приобрела квартиру  с удачной планировкой и расположением на Западе Москвы.

Customers use this apartment as urban real estate for living on weekdays. 
Functionally, the apartment is divided into 6 zones:
1. Hallway and lounge area with a seating and / or waiting area with a home theater, convenient storage: a wardrobe for outerwear and other personal items
2. Sleep and rest area - a bedroom, supplemented by a storage area for personal belongings and clothes, a small dressing table and amazing comfortable bed
3. The cooking area and dining room are united by a single space
4. The area of ​​the household unit - storage of cleaning equipment
5. The restroom area, represented by a large comfortable shower, sink, toilet, hygienic shower
6. The area of ​​working space and rest on the balcony.
It turned out very functional, all expectations and requests of customers on the functional were taken into account.


Планировка квартиры в ЖК Академия люкс

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