Interior Design
in the Residential Complex "KVARTAL 38A" MOSCOW

Площадь квартиры 127 м2

Timeless elegant & luxury - the concept of this beautiful apartment for the Customer, immersed in the fasion industry.

A distinctive feature of this apartment is its amazing view, panoramic windows.

This apartment is designed for a young creative girl for whom personal space and aesthetic comfort play a special role. Features of the profession and hobbies suggested the creation of the most comfortable and roomy storage areas for clothes and expositions of collection books and fashion magazines. The interior of the apartment is bright, vibrant, cheerful, fashionable and girlish.

Functionally, the space was designed in accordance with the technical task of the Customer: a fashionable interior where it will be comfortable to live and meet with friends. A clear separation of public and private areas in the apartment.

Kitchen design contains all the necessary options for providing full cooking, storage of kitchen gadgets and dishes, food storage. The Customer loves to cook, despite the rare lunches and dinners at home. Beautiful views open from the windows, which influenced the decision to maximize the approach to the windows in all rooms of the apartment.

The comfortable living room contains the following functional areas:

  • sitting area and watching TV with a luxurious sofa
  • lap top area with a convenient working area
  • storage area with a spacious individual design shelving from AFGDESIGN and a comfortable designer reading chair

The design of the bedroom anticipated the customer’s expectations at a glance:

  • custom-made luxury bed
  • a place for admiring morning Moscow for a cup of coffee on the balcony
  • dressing table with "berry" pouf

Bathroom Design:

  • cozy area for taking a bath
  • custom washbasin


Дизайн интерьера гостиной в современном стиле

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